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Two more teams to consider Jun. 3rd, 2005 @ 06:11 pm
Briefly, here are two more teams we perhaps need:


We need an artillery squad trained up for when we organize large raiding operations. We will need them to provide covering and suppressing fire at range. I suggest a squad consisting entirely of mages, perhaps three Arcane/Fire mages for maximum ranged damage, and two frost mages for solid defense. Naturally they will be engineers, likely Goblin engineers, for the explosives, mortars, and so on

The Appropriately-sized League

We should provide a haven for Gnomeregan's displaced superheroes. Supergnome, Doctor Weird, the Masked Revenger, all those heroic crusaders we remember and love.

Zooknie probably unavailable this week Jun. 2nd, 2005 @ 10:24 am
Sorry guys.

There's the very first meeting of the Tribal Moot on Bleeding Hollow right at the normal Little Brother time this Sunday. And when not doing that, I've got a ecology paper on Mediterranean seagrasses and a final project for Phonetic Analysis to get done.

But after 5pm next Wednesday, I'll actually have spare time and energy again!

Filing for an extension May. 28th, 2005 @ 12:38 pm
AGENT REPORTING: Pasquale Nerwocket

The first operational outing by SNACKS was a great success, despite this agent's illness*. My teammates were excellent! A full report will be made at a later date. Perhaps other agents can file supplementary reports in the meantime.

*Latency hovering around 5000 ms makes it hard to play :(

GONE May. 28th, 2005 @ 06:50 am
I think that is the name of our new team. Here's an email from Kellan:

I had a very sad experience with a gnomish warrior. I think she was
really meant to be an academic but was born into the wrong age.
Anyway, never had much luck, kept getting killed, she would just stare
at me with these blue eyes saying, "You don't want me to go back in
there do you?" It was depressing. I retired her.

Now I've got a gnomish warlock who loves the road, loves adventure.
Went up a mountain chasing a rumor of a tin motherload, and fell off
the other side. Woke up in the Wetlands where he acquired a deep
desire to be a pirate, and a fear of all things frog like.

Anyway, until we can get the explorer co together (Gnomeregan
Occupation aNd Exploratory Co [GONE]), I thought maybe my warlock
could be a quartermaster or at least party with one? I'm a little
stuck on the frostmane hold.

Cyde Weys' Back Story May. 28th, 2005 @ 01:32 am
Cyde Weys is a young adult gnome. From a young age she had always wanted to be a blacksmith, because she had once visited the great city of Ironforge and seen a handsome gnome banging away on an anvil, sparks flying up around him in a beautiful fireworks display. From that moment on she knew she wanted to be a metalworker, if only so that when she met the handsome gnome again she could impress him with the weapons and armor she had forged. Being a gnome, her parents were against allowing Cyde to learn blacksmithing, which they called a crude and dirty profession. So Cyde was prohibited from learning blacksmithing and instead sent away to Gnome State to learn the ancient gnomish art of engineering.

It was during her stay at Gnome State that Cyde first began dabbling in the dark arts. It started when a gnome down the hall convinced her to try it, saying it was "just a little spell" and that it couldn't hurt her. Cyde began getting deeper and deeper into the dark arts to the point where she ignored her engineering homework. She failed out of Gnome State, and when her parents found out, they forbid her to return home. At that point Cyde became a vagrant and fell in with a group of dark magic junkies living on the streets. It was then that Cyde learned her first demon summoning spell and was changed for life.

Usually when a demon is summoned, the caster is the one who controls the demon. But because Cyde had never had formal training in the dark arts and learned to cast the spell from street junkies, her mind was too feeble to control the demon, and instead it controlled her. Now Cyde is a gnome tormented by the demon that, whenever it is summoned, takes control of her mind and forces her to commit evil acts. Yet when Cyde is not controlled by the demon she feels severe withdrawl symptoms and yearns to summon the demon again, each time thinking, "Perhaps this time it will be different, and the demon will not control me." Yet it is never different and the demon always returns to control her, making the pain of her withdrawls seem miniscule by comparison.

When Cyde isn't being controlled by her inner demon or suffering dark arts withdrawls, she can be seen learning the art of blacksmithing to one day impress her lost love, or tinkering around with gadgets. Cyde is also a pyromaniac and can often be seen playing with and setting off fireworks.
Current Mood: jubilantjubilant
Other entries
» Three new quartermasters working for the team
I'm happy to report we have some new quartermasters working for our team.

Firstly Blasto has recognized that his hard work at mining without the group was often causing him to gain experience by exploring new areas, which he loves to do a little too much (more on that later) and of course the occational fight (which he also loves to do too much). So although he has been happy to do it for the group, he has decided it would be better to hire out his mining activities. To that end he has hired a good friend of his, a consulting quartermaster, by the name of Nabulesto. Nab has made a livelyhood hiring out as a consultant for mining, engineering, and the occational fighting and questing. He and Blasto were childhood friends (yep, another fire mage) and so when Blasto decided with all his new found money gained with the group, he should use it to this end. So with a hearty hello, we welcome our new consulting quartermaster.

In addition two young quartermasters have been welcomed into the group to help generate much needed mining asserts and money. They are Quinlore, which as it turns out is a young second cousin to Fangly, and Qualder. They may be young now, but they're eager to do any needed work and have a bit of fun while doing it. Oh, and Quinlore as Warlocks will tend to do, has a lovely pet who is named Chonam.

Nab already reports that he has been at work and has sent some items to the team. He also collected some stone, but has heard the team has enough, so he will keep that to a minimum.

» New group almost ready!
Hey, all... I have three new recruits ready to start a group. With me in it, that makes four members. We only need one more!

Any input on what it should be like? Sary and I are willing to do the gnome (rogue)hunter / pet idea, we think that will be a scream! Is this taken yet? The two other recruits are complete newbies to the game... this should be very fun.

We just need one more. Any loose recruits waiting to form a team?

Let me know...

beth-- (Fangly)
» Final SNACK created!
Got Ben on to make his character just now. The dwarf-gnome Bemblekin. We'll see about getting Phungie and Bemblekin on the charter. Is it convenient for Quatherine to come meet us Saturday morning at 10? Or would having them meet Quatherine some other time be better?

(SNACK in the singular works! It's not a Squad when you're just talking about one :p)
» On filing Field Reports
I don't want to claim that my first Field Report is the be-all and end-all of how to report on team activities, but I did mean for it to be a start at a practice that I hope becomes standard for WIDGET teams. I'd like to see someone from each team post a Field Report after each play session, so that others can enjoy the silliness that each WIDGET team generates. There are a few things that my first report illustrates, that I hope we will all embrace and expand upon.

One point is that it's superficially organized as a boring, bureaucratic document, but with whatever gags crammed in that I could think of as I wrote it.

Another is that I tried to inject as much as I could of the personality of the character who is filing the report. Ideally, we will eventually be able to tell which character filed a report even if the name is left off.

I tried to touch on the goofiest events of the play session, so folks who weren't there could experience some of our amusement and delight. I hope other reports will do the same. And when the initial report leaves out some detail or incident that was especially amusing, I hope that other team members will file "supplements" (in the form of comments) that amend the initial report to include all that good stuff.
» New team under way
Here is the idea for our new team via Kellan.

So we've been thinking about a "theme" for a 3rd (4th?) team

How about an exploration team, 1 part national geographic, 1 part 19th
century exploration company (Dun Morogh East Indies Exploration Co.?).
Open to any class, but composed of botanists (herbalist), ecologists
(skinner), geologists (miner), anthropologist (??), etc.

Game play would consist of many breathy conversation about "Lo, we are
now approaching the rare crag boar in its den! This level 4 crag boar
is known as FiFi, and the one following her is her son Frodo. We've
been watching these beast for at least the last 5 minutes, and have
concluded that they're an alien species introduced by an unfortunate
(but perfectly understandable) dwarven farming project, and we'll have
to thin the herd. Charge!"

Also collectinf any previously unseen animal/plant/mineral (the
ecologist throwing a fit when they let his prize level 34 abominable
snowman slip away, "A loss to science! Where is your vision!
Cowards! A mere 30 level difference, we could have been famous, we
could have been contenders!")

Perhaps the team has to discover (and send back photos and reports) of
at least one new region each session.

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