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SNACKS report - W.I.D.G.E.T.

About SNACKS report

Previous Entry SNACKS report Jun. 26th, 2005 @ 01:11 am Next Entry
Agent Pasquale of SNACKS reporting in.

Today, we discovered the Tall city of "Stormwind".

Why do the Talls live where it's so windy? You'd think they'd get blown over, they're center of gravity is so high and unsupported. Agent Wislizenii has proposed that they are wind-powered. This makes good sense, how else would they get enough cheap power to run a body that big?

Questioning the Talls mostly met with obfuscation. One allowed that he produced wind in some circumstances. Something about hot canids? He also said "some of us are water powered, too".

We ran around the city delivering goods for a while. They gave us free drinks, but they weren't very impressive. They were apparently some kind of peanut wine? Black peanuts? We gathered to drink in Goldshire to celebrate our 6th birthdays.

In moments of indiscretion, Wislizenii revealed that to a Tall that gnomes had invented leather work in ages long past, and this Agent revealed that this was recorded in the tomes of the Institute.

Agent Zinga wasn't feeling entirely well, so we didn't go much further.

Perhaps Agent Wisi could relate some of the theories and debate regarding birds.

Several SNACKS agents are now equipped with boomsticks!

We drooled, er, examined the specs on the Mechanostriders. Apparently they are built to support even a dwarf's mass. So they will definitely be able to support our heavy gnome.

((Also, I saw a human riding an elf-cat. My first confirmed sighting of a cross-race mount! Very exciting.))
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