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traveling Sunday Aug. 10th, 2005 @ 09:59 pm
I'll be traveling Sunday, so won't be able to play. I'm fine if people want to play without, then I'd I'll just catch up to whatever level people get to. Or I'd be happy to play during some weekday evening (except Wed or Fri which are also travel days). FYI: I'll be in Portland the first half of the week and the Boulder area the second half. I know we've been missing a bit off and on, so I'd be happy to make up time with folks. And of course Blasto is always available for engineering activities as well as fishing. As is of course many other characteres like Nabulesto or Quinlore.


Little Brother Jul. 3rd, 2005 @ 07:02 am
Frabble will be ready, willing and available at the usual time today. Hope to see everyone there.

SNACKS report Jun. 26th, 2005 @ 01:11 am
Agent Pasquale of SNACKS reporting in.

Today, we discovered the Tall city of "Stormwind".

Why do the Talls live where it's so windy? You'd think they'd get blown over, they're center of gravity is so high and unsupported. Agent Wislizenii has proposed that they are wind-powered. This makes good sense, how else would they get enough cheap power to run a body that big?

Questioning the Talls mostly met with obfuscation. One allowed that he produced wind in some circumstances. Something about hot canids? He also said "some of us are water powered, too".

We ran around the city delivering goods for a while. They gave us free drinks, but they weren't very impressive. They were apparently some kind of peanut wine? Black peanuts? We gathered to drink in Goldshire to celebrate our 6th birthdays.

In moments of indiscretion, Wislizenii revealed that to a Tall that gnomes had invented leather work in ages long past, and this Agent revealed that this was recorded in the tomes of the Institute.

Agent Zinga wasn't feeling entirely well, so we didn't go much further.

Perhaps Agent Wisi could relate some of the theories and debate regarding birds.

Several SNACKS agents are now equipped with boomsticks!

We drooled, er, examined the specs on the Mechanostriders. Apparently they are built to support even a dwarf's mass. So they will definitely be able to support our heavy gnome.

((Also, I saw a human riding an elf-cat. My first confirmed sighting of a cross-race mount! Very exciting.))

When's Little Brother Jun. 22nd, 2005 @ 09:00 pm
Hi, folks. I'm sorry to say that Frabble will be out of town this weekend. I don't suppose there's any way we could meet during the day on Friday? I really miss our sessions and don't want them to get delayed anymore but this is the time when we could go on vacation. Let me know what you think about timing.


Where's Little Brother? Jun. 19th, 2005 @ 05:05 pm
Blasto's waiting for the other Little Brother members a the usual meeting time. But no one is showing up. He's very sad. :-( He'll keep waiting a while longer hoping it's just too much ale that's keeping everyone late.
Other entries
» Sneaky
The SNACKS team was very, very sneaky this morning. Most of them, I never saw at all!

There was a great gathering of Q-branch, though, and they passed on supplies to me which I redistributed to the team. SNACKS team members who were too sneaky to locate should check their mail boxes for massive amounts of supplies.

We might also look into arranging to meet at a different time this week. And possibly reconsider the regular time, it seems problematic.
» Forwarding Report from Zummon
Much delayed report back.

Per our contract (exhibit A) I've have been working as an Institute
(sssh!) contractor, and while the details of our mutual obligation
tend to be a bit fuzzy (do, I'm sure to my insufficient security
clearance), I've endeavored to preform adequately (and am expecting a
good letter of recommendation for post-doc work once Gnomeragan U is
restored). Due to the unconscionably long period between publishing
(having spent more time perishing them publishing of late), this
report back will be abbreviated for clarity (and due to having
insufficiently worked out the kinks in my memory enhancement device
[see Overspark et co, 2132])

Following suggestions from Quatherine, I spent considerably time
exploring and mining the Silverstream mines. I think it is important
to note that dwarven biology shows an uncharacteristically creative
flair, in that "Tunnel Rats" are not actually rats at all, but rather
surprisingly a form of kobold, and utterly immune to my attempts to
feed them rat poison. Do to several rather unfortunate incidents (do
you have any idea how hard it is to feed a "rat" strychnine when it
swings a pickaxe at your head?) I suggest we should send biology
professors to the Ironforge Mountaineer academy immediately by way of
humanitarian aid.

Following the unexpectedly exciting times at Silverstream, Nabulesto
and I had several very productive sessions at the Ironband's
excavation site, where we, dare I say, perfected Little Brothers's
[earlier documented
A short pamphlet and poster series will be forthcoming.

On behalf of Nab and myself I would like to formally file a complaint
against whomever decided that gnomish magic users should be barred
from the use of some of the fruits of our labor, namely really big
guns. I feel this is once again an example of the overprotectiveness
of our dwarven hosts. You would think no one had blown up their
capital city before the way they carry on. A petition will be

A brief visit to Stormwind furnished me with a very flashy cutlass,
and a Master Wu who was kind enough to train me to use it. I think
I'm am now the very picture of a pirate captain. (Wu thought
differently pointing out that goggles and a prairie chicken are not
quite an eye patch and parrot, I asked if he was an expert on
**gnomish** pirate garb, and if so if he could please furnish a
bibliography on the subject, which showed him I thought)

Continuing farther a field falling rumors of the "motherload" (a
curious word whose derivation seems to be totally lost, though a clue
I found when researching primitive superstitions among Westfall
farming peasants bears further examination) led me to explore the
"lost" mine of Moonbrook. Apparently "roads paved with gold" was
hyperbole, and I'll be speaking sharply to General Marcus Jonathan
about his poetic license. Additionally "lost" seems to be an
overstatement as the place was crawling with hard working miners, not
to mention flightly nightelves who seemed to be determined to
interrupt the mining process. I did however meet the famous
philanthropist VanCleef, and he seemed to be very interested in
providing the venture capital to back several daring investigative
lines of inquiry. (I'm worried that others might get to him first,
Westfall seems to be a hotbed of entrepreneurs, constantly asking for
help with "VC")

I trust the steady stream of metal, gems (except for the handful of
Tigereyes which got um, lost, when Trixie, I mean Master Engineer
Quikswitch, dared me...um... I think that is all classified
actually), and magical items is up to expectation. (please see first
paragraph regarding letter of recomendation)
» Little Brother on Sunday
Hey, all... I am going to be on an airplane sunday until 1:30 Mountain time, and then driving four hours to northern California...

Can we push Little Brother up to the evening? I am bringing my computer with me and will set it up when i get there. How about after 6:00 mountain? Philip?

» Busy times
SNACKS will probably not happen this Saturday, since banjomensch will be at his graduation ceremony!! I'll probably be there, too, to watch.

Also, I'll be at another friend's graduation Sunday morning. It's very early, I think I should be able to make Little Brother, but something might come up.

But after this Sunday, my busy will peter off rapidly. (And I'll then be putting some energy into TooSka, btw, for all you troll-gnomes.)
» Still looking for a team
I'm still looking for a team. I already posted my backstory. Basically Cyde Weys is a (currently level 10 I believe) gnome warlock on Shadow Council interested in joining "The Institute". Should be fun!

I'm up for any regularly scheduled play times after 5:00pm PST on weekdays and pretty much anytime on weekends is fine. I can't get to bed too late though (I'm on EST).
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