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Today, Little Brother, the governuing council of The Institute fondly known as W.I.D.G.E.T., mastered a profound and subtle level of coordinated field action. Bear with me as I describe the technical details of our masterful maneuvering; don't be frightened if it seems *too* technical; any random genius can gasp the subtleties with a mere few weeks of concentrated study.

The technical terms for this two part tactical breakthrough are:

(1) Charge

(2) Run Away

With only a few weeks of concentrated practice, Little Brother has now mastered this exquisite coordinated battle maneuver:

- first, Charge!

- second, after exhausting the momentum of the initial Charge: Run Away!

I have no doubt that this breakthrough, undoubtedly unique in the annals of military strategy, will carry us to the inveitable victory that is destined to be ours.
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Date:May 9th, 2005 07:14 am (UTC)
Wanton Irreverent Destruction: Gnomes Exterminate Troggs!
Date:May 9th, 2005 11:56 pm (UTC)
cross-posted from personal journal:

Then we had the Little Brother session! Oh what a session! We decided to go to Loch Modan. Running out to the tower, everyone was following me, and I wasn't feeling very constrained by roads. At one point, a trogg spotted us and attacked. Bad mistake. We got him. We then preceded to annhilate everything in the general vicinity that moved. Mostly other troggs, but also boars and rabbits. Anything, really.

This proved to be the theme of the day. Troggs. They're like potato chips. You can't kill just one.

Having delivered some beer to the dwarves at the south guard station, they hired us to go kill some more troggs. Just think! They pay us to kill troggs!

We're sort of a chaotic group. Malvin (Mikel) was going to take us to the trogg valley, fully expecting us to get wiped, for educational purposes. He figured a few times getting completely swarmed by the troggs there, and we'd learn to organize.


We never got there. First we stopped by town. Then we started wandering off from town, following a trail of spiders. This eventually led us to an active trogg camp. So, naturally, we attacked.

We can do vast carnage in an initial attack, even scattered as we are. But eventually we get too scattered, and run low on mana, and we start dying. Zooknie (I) also starting developing a fascination for chasing the troggs who were running and hitting them with my stick.

So there we were. Dying and running back to resurrect, all the while heaping the troggs up shoulder high (we're gnomes, our shoudlers aren't very high, but still). Usually one or three of us alive at a time for a while. Eventually Malvin called a retreat, eventually we all regrouped back at the road.

Having regrouped, we tried to work out a battle plan. Nobody listened. People who did listen, forgot it entirely when faced with the exciting prospect of blowing up troggs. We died some more.

Eventually, we gave up on herding these Pumas on Hoverbikes. Instead of a battle plan, we perfected the art of /charge and /flee. Anything more complicated evaded us :D

As Mikel put it, we don't listen, but we do learn. Now able to at least know when to attack, give or take a few explosions by Blasto, and when to leave, we proceeded to annhilate many more troggs, and die much less! It was hilarious. We do so much carnage. Absolute chaos.
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Date:May 10th, 2005 12:22 am (UTC)
If you have ever seen the movie "Gremlins", then it is really easy to imagine what Little Brother is like. It's like gremlins. Not the nice, friendly little guy that the kid gets as a present; no, no, no! Sure, we *look* cute and friendly, but no; we're Stripe and his pals, the crazed little power-tool monkeys racing around the town setting things on fire and sawing them in half.

I can hardly wait to grow double or triple WIDGET's size. I want to be on that all-rogue SNACKS team. I want other people to create other teams. I want to level up and go bouncing and jouncing into the heart of some staid and respectable community, thirty or forty gnomes racing around in quantum orbital patterns shrieking with laughter and saying "My, you're a tall one!" and "I *do* love tinkering with things!" and "I regret any inconvenience my murderous rampage may have caused."

Aidan came to my place for this last session, and sat next to me as we played. He will testify to my inability to stifle regular bursts of laughter, prompted as much by disbelief as by amusement, as this horrific little squad of deranged killers delivered a sort of scorched-earth Christmas to the unsuspecting denizens of Loch Modan.

Good lord. What will we be like at level 20? Level 40? Level >choke< 60???

Azeroth may never be the same.

[Fade to black amid the sounds of a gnome shrieking with laughter as fireballs explode and troggs emit dying screams]
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